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How do you manage to relax on holiday?

Holidays are those special treats we all look forward to.  A week, or two if we are lucky, escaping from the daily grind and the rat race.  It is something we spend ages looking forward to, day dreaming at work about those precious moments,  whilst working hard.  But when the time comes,  when you find yourself on holiday, suddenly away from you everyday activities with time on your hands and a mind still full of work how do you actually relax?

One of our members found her own solution – she took her guided meditations with her on holiday.  She loaded them onto her MP3 player and packed it carefully into her bag, ready to take on holiday too.

At her rented villa in Tuscany she unpacked, found a quiet and comfortable spot, plugged in her headphones and switched on.  She was over the moon by how quickly she began to relax into her holiday and calm her mind.

Normally it takes her 3 days to gradually unwind and relax before she can start enjoying her well earned rest.  But by listening to the guided meditations she found she relaxed almost instantly –

“Making it a daily habit, I looked forward to my own bit of me time away from everyone else.  I could’nt believe how quickly it worked.  I usually spend the first few days agitated and thinking about work, filling my time by doing things to try and occupy my mind”.

So our question goes out to you – How do you relax on holiday?

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